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Sunday, 14 August 2011


The Irish word for the sun GRIAN = 365 Oh yes it does and I didnt just pull that figure out of my asshole or make up some new gematria codes and call it Isisian.No! you merrily take the traditional order of the Ogam alphabet and number it as everyone else was doing going up in 1s the first ten letters then go up in 10s after and 100s after that Same as everybody else is and was doing.Did you not check it! Some of you have.I know you have and you have gone to yourself oh what a lovely coincidence and gone on to ignore it or pretend it was not there because it was not "pagan" enough for you to have Ogam associated with Hebrew gematria that one was to scary I bet,lets just overlook it lets just put that away its too weird.Or some of you have acknowledged it but kept it secretly to yourself while you went away and tried calculating other words.Oh you didnt want to say anything because your friends would laugh at you or put you down because they publicly declared all to them selves that their ancestors were backward pagans and could not count.If your one of those people that noticed it then now is the time to speak up dont be afraid of ignorance truth will always be the best magic.Basic maths and ordering G is the 12th letter G=30 R is the 15th letter R=60 I is the 20th letter I = 200 A is the 16th letter A=70 N is the fifth letter N=5 yay that wasnt so hard now was it if I have to write the whole alphabet out right here and now for you to prove it theres no hope for you just leave now I was not talking to you anway.If you went and wrote the alphabet out for your self and numbered it in the traditional way to prove what Im saying then your most welcome here you get it your cool! Now lets add them up G=30 R=60 I=200 A=70 N=5 the total is 365 yay again but what does it mean?
It means the most obvious for those with eyes to see.Not unlike Mitras and Abraxas in greek check it out
SAME SHIT SUN NAMES ! But much more besides

Abraxas (ab-ra-ksas)
Mithras (may-thras)     

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