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Wednesday, 3 August 2011



1 Ladder (Ogham) of Fionn here below.

et reliqua sic diphthong group behind us.

3 Hinge Ogham here.

4 This is three-ridged (Ogham).

5 Three-stemmed (Ogham) of Fionn.

6 Canal Ogham.

7 (Unnamed.)

8 Four-ridged (Ogham) of Crutine.

9 Aliter b, so all.

10 Stag Ogham, i.e., hart for group B., hind for group H., fawn for group M., calf for group A., i.e., one of them for the first letter of the group, two for the second letter, and so on till it would come to the last letter, i.e., five.

11 Secret Ogham of the warrior-bands of Ilann.

12 (Unnamed.)
13 Ebad-fashioned, auraSuite6.jpg, (Ogham)

14 Ogham of Bricriu, i.e., the depth in which the letter stands in the alphabet, that is the number of strokes which are written in its formation ut in figura, viz., one for b, twenty for i.
(Then follows a composition in this Ogham.)

15 Order Ogham: the order which the letters have in an alphabet, i.e., the letter which is earlier than another in an alphabet is written earlier in forming a name; and the last, last in the name ut est in hac figurab n r a, i.e., Bran; b 1 d r a a i, Labraid.

16 Ogham on which is one, i.e., one stroke too many to be written with every letter, etc., up to five of each.

17 Letter rack Ogham.

18 Hunt-track, i.e., two names to be written, i.e., each of them through the other, i.e., the beginning of the first name to be written up to half of it, and the beginning of the other name after it, and the end of the first name after it, and the end of the other name postea; and wherein are names which are formed identically, those of a first name and those of a last, as they stand in the two stems there.
bec-an, ler-an: gleselgi i da ainm. A little, a small sea:
gleselgi, to wit, two names, feth-nat, seg-nataliter
gleselge. A little calm, a small deer, aliter hunt-track.

19 Anguish of a poet’s heart.

20 Arms Ogham, i.e., spear for group B. Shield for group H. Sword for group M. Tusk-hilted sword for group A., i.e., one of them for the first letter of whatever group, two for the second.

21 Conjunct Ogham, i.e., the letter which is next the letter to be written along with it without interruption.

22 Twin Ogham, i.e., two identical letters for the letter, i.e., bb for b sic.

23 Of extra groups and syllables of the Ogham here according to the excessive powers whereby there are syllables, extra groups, and extra alphabets of them, etc.
Sigla. Abbreviations, (i) bacht, lact, feet, sect, nect: huath, drong, tect, caect, quiar: maei (MS. naei), gaeth, ngael, strmrect, rect: ai, ong, ur, eng, ing.

24 Sigla. Abreviations, (2) cai no æi, c no onn, p no ui,ol on, no no no, ach ui oi ai au, air cair, s, bran, tri, bran, tru, cru, cru, Columcille, Ceallach, Cuilibadh.

25 goach, tucht, ict, miliu, uili, eth, ean.

26 Beithi, leam, fernn, sail, nendait: sge, dair, trom, coll, quillenn: midiu, gius, gilcach, saildrong, rait: aball uinus, draigin, ibur, elend, ferus, edlend.

27 Bethi, luis, fernn, soil, nin: huath, dur, tindi, coll, quert: muin, gort,ngedar, straiph, ruis: ailm, onn, ur, edadh, idad; ea, oi, ui, ia, ae

28 (Unnamed.)

29 [non translated]

30 Sow Ogham white, grey, black, amber, blue: accompanying litter of a white, grey sow, etc.

31 The Ogham which confused Breas son of Elatha who was under a prohibition not to pass on without reading it. This Ogham was afterwards thrown into his bosom as he went to the battle of Moytura. Afterwards he lost the battle while he was reading the Ogham. This is the alphabet of this Ogham, to wit, the letter is written with all the letters that stand in the person’s name. (Each letter, besides being written, is spelt.)

32 Final Ogham, i.e., the last letter of the name (of the letter) is written for the letter, viz., e for bs for 1n for f1 for sn for n, etc..: æ, or cc, or ch.

33 Head on Proscription, i.e., the last letter of every group is written for the first letter, and the first letter of every group for the last letter, i.e., n for b, and b for n, and every letter for its fellow in the whole group, and everything to be turned all backwards into itself: ia or pæ, or cc, or ch.

34 Ogham which is called a foursome, i.e., four letters only are spoken in it, i.e., d and t1, f, i.e., d for B., five; t for H., five; 1 for M., five; f for A., five; i.e., d for bdd for 1, and so all. d, dd, ddd, dddd, ddddd: t, tt, ttt, tttt, ttttt, etc.

35 Ogham of uproar of anger, i.e., the first letter of every group for B., five; the second letter of every group for H., five; the third letter of every group for M., five, etc.: æ, or cc, or ch.

36 (Cf. 70.) Point-to-eye Ogham, i.e., mane (?) backwards, i.e., group A. backwards for group B., i.e., i for b, and b for i; group M. for group H., i.e., r for h, and h for r, etc. Group B. for group A. backwards, and group H. for group M. backwards.

37 (Cf. 71.) Enclosed Ogham, i.e., an enclosure between every two letters, i.e., a limit only to the letter itself.

38 Mane(?) backwards, secunduni alios.

39 (Unnamed.)

40 Great dotting.

41 Mixed Ogham, i.e., every second letter of groups B. and H. to be written mixed; every second letter of groups M. and A., the same.

42 Combative Ogham, i.e., group H. before group B., and group A. before group M.

43 Host Ogham, i.e., the letter itself to be written thrice for itself, i.e., b thrice, 1 thrice, etc.

44 End to end Ogham, i.e., the two ends of the stem to be joined, i.e., group A. to be mixed backwards with group B., i.e., i between b and 1, etc.; group M. to be mixed with group H. The extra groups similarly.

45 Two stroke smock Ogham, i.e., a stroke between every two letters in regular Ogham.

46 Steadfast Ogham, for its middle is the same, for there it is completed, and from its latter half it is read prius, for there are the B. and H. groups, for in its middle is the completion of the four groups.

47 Corn-field under colour, that there might not be two Ogham letters for one letter, i.e., three letters between every two letters of group B.

48 Coll, c, for a vowel, i.e., group B. and group M. with no change, and for group A., five, i.e., c, cc, ccc, cccc, ccccc.

49 Lively dotting.

50 Strife head.

51 Ogham of Dedu.

52 Head of dispute.

53 (Unnamed.)

54 Infilleted

55 Ridgeless.

56 Well-footed Ogham.

57 Separated Ogham, i.e., the fifth letter is severed.
58 Ebad-fashioned, auraSuite6.jpg(Ogham), i.e., an Ebad between every two letters.

59 Ogham of Fenius, i.e., the letter which touches the letter on its shoulder to be taken off along with it without making use of it.

60 Fraudulent (Ogham) here, i.e., each group’s defrauding another of the initial letter. It is the initial letter of the second group (which ends the first group), ut est. -

61 Side Ogham of Tlachtga, i.e., on one side all these letters below.

62 (Unnamed.)

63 Ogham of Erimon.

64 Interwoven thread.

65 Foreenclosed Ogham.

66 Snake through heath.

67 Bend (or angle) Ogham.

68 (Cf. 36.) (Unnamed.)

69 Pierced Ogham.

70 (Unnamed.)

71 (Cf. 38.) Place Ogham.

72 Toothlike [Ogham] of Fionn, and it is for brevity that there are but two letters of every group written.

73 Shield Ogham.

74 Wheel Ogham of Roigne Roscadach B. five, H. five, M. five, A. five.

75 Fionn’s Window.

76 Traig (sic l.) Stream strand of Ferchertne, i.e., five letters in each thread.

77 Sigla. Abbreviations.
            iul, og, ech, ind, lii, rii, lii, fii, ict, arb, insci, ruidriug di ailm, fict, dacht, gart.

78 tii : diailt : ban bachlach inscii : maidm cridi eors : gai : eet : ara : sesd : lat : nact : dec indsci so anuas.
                        These are ten expressions above.

79 Forfeda: sigan fain ailm: remar ailm: srub-aigi: troigi: trenoct: enoct: duiriu: coeliu: aupai: ui: bang: ue: gort guinche: ailm guinche.
Additional letters.

80 Forfeda: mane: esci: goth: te: ongan: ail: dea: eth: oeth: neal: taeb: icht: fisidect: liasairect: emridoth: maicc.
Additional letters.

81 Forfeda: uaitea: caetrae: samuil: huic: oe: dind: hæ: uilen: tre: ebaid: enebaid: dirdin: dur: didad: fir ailm.
Additional letters.
82 Oblique Ogham.

83        Strand stream of Ferchertne....
Boat Ogham, i.e., barque for B., five:
Full-rigged ship for H., five:
Ship for M., five:
Coracle for A., five. One of them for the first letter, two for the second till it reach five, the last letter of whatever group it be.

84 Egyptian (read, Hebrew) Alphabet here.

85 (Unnamed.)

86 African Alphabet.

87 Rope Ogham.

88 Company Ogham: Priests, heroines, Fian, Synods, Saints, thus all.

89, 90 (Unnamed.)

91 Scandinavian Ogham here.

92, 93 Gallogam. Anmand na feda-i-fea, ar, turs, or, raid, caun, hagal, naun, isar, sol, diur, bangann, mann, langor, eir. Viking Ogham. Names of the letters, i.e.

                        End of the Oghams. Beginning of the Primers.
            In dei nomine Amen.
                        How is that, pen? and methinks it is good.

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