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Saturday, 6 August 2011


Well lets consult the letters and are list

1290 Rcuéacuéaéacuéa = 1290 (Manannan backwards Beth-luis nin reverse B=áe ect)
1290 IDAD = Idad duir ailm duir = 1290
880 oldest of woods = Siniu fedaib = 880 (Word ogham of Morann Mac Main here that is for Ida)
880+LV Manannán = 880 +LV
880+LV I fear = águr = 880+LV 

Yes yes me thinks its rather good 
End of post 
Ps feel free if your a regular visitor or new here to leave questions and comments the comments are open to all no need for sign in.The main gematria list shall be updated regularly its the first post in the blog be sure to check it out suggestions are welcome criticism most welcome.
Any input is appreciated I feel like the only minor author at the end of the world so fellow Sages please speak up and have your say there is work to be done and one fool cant do it all by himself.

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