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Monday, 15 August 2011


You take a sentence and translate it. Lets try something useful to us like
"I will learn the Ogham" = Beidh mé ag foghlaim an ogam = 1420+LV
Now you might check the list and find out the value is too high and no words or sentences match that value and you cant find a correspondence so you go ah poop what do I do next make a Notarikon i.e, that is take the first letter of each word in the sentence and turn it into a new word like so
"Beidh mé ag foghlaim an ogam" becomes BMAFAO and this word will have a new value that may or may not be in sympathy with the original sentence but your not going to find out until you check so lets do that.

244 Earth = 244
244 Abacus = 244
244 Naphula = 244 (P=B=1) (60th spirit of the goetia)
244 Zeus = 244 (if Z=Straif)
244 Upon them = orthu = 244
Before you go ask zeus to teach you ogam I should say that Z could be taken as S = 4 
so hold on a minute however if there is any Orphic people reading get back to me the author of the ogham Fenius was a scythian greek by extraction so who knows.
Abacus is very interesting seeing as ogam started as a counting system before it was used in the gaelic language.And I always had a desire to see what could be got from making an ogham abacus if it was done right anyway.Earth thats an english word obviously but then again the english language was one of the last great Alchemical languages to be made since the Irish language.Words were collected from all over to fill in the gaps in translation of the Bible for the KJV version so dont dismiss the word "earth" yet as being so new and Gaelic was made in likewise fashion collecting words and sounds from the 72 known races of the time and brought to the tower as the story tells us."Orthu" upon them.For any thelemites reading listen up! I will talk not over much.
Next we have Naphula 60th spirit in the Goetia.WTF! you say thats not very "celtic" in big sarcastic quotes.
Your moms not very Celtic either but I wont complain.Lets just say your "Celtic" in big sarcastic quotes ancestors were very learned people that would gather knowledge from all the races and cultures around them  not that the goetia have any particular preference to any one race.Not to mention your taroh cards would not work too well without them.So anyway we have the name lets check it while its there Naphula also known as Vapula from the lesser key of solomon  it says 
 VAPULA, or NAPHULA.--The Sixtieth Spirit is Vapula, or Naphula. He is a Duke Great, Mighty, and Strong; appearing in the Form of a Lion with Gryphon's Wings. His Office is to make Men Knowing in all Handcrafts and Professions, also in Philosophy, and other Sciences. He governeth 36 Legions of Spirits, and
his Seal or Character is thus made, and thou shalt wear it as aforesaid, etc.
In another version it says

Vapula appears as a lion with gryphon's wings."Her" Office is to make Men Knowing in all Handcrafts and Professions, also in Philosophy, and other Sciences.

Lets see what the different spellings for his (her) name in Ogam give resonance too and while your at it check the hebrew and the greek ect but this is an ogham site so we will stick to that here 
Naphula the PH in the middle of the name can be taken as IPHIN or ÍO=600 as in IO PAN ever wondered were that came from now you know "HES IN EVERYTHING".So Naphula would be 
"get the calculator out" Naíoula = 837+LV matter = ábhar = 837+LV 
Extremely interesting so the name Naphula is in resonance with the english spelling of earth and the other version of the name in Ogam Naíoula is in resonance with the Irish word for Matter ábhar and thats just a matter of fact and if you dont like it your not much of a sicín QUABALIST 
Wow that was a big word 
So you see thats one advantage of ogam in that its not static when it comes to your Ps and Qs ect.Now the other name in the lesser key for Naphula is Vapula which also has its own total giving.

323 Straif = 323 (letter word for Str)
      Vapula = 323 (60th sprit of the goetia)(P=B=1)
       Six = se cinn = 323 
       Livelihood = Bethumnacht = 323 (Art ogham B)

The V=U=90 but the P can still be taken as  ÍO too whether or not there is a H after using the letter word Pin if spelling the name in full with all the letter words but we wont go that far just the name first Vapula can also be Uaíoula = 922 giving us 
922+LV to tear down = le clib síos = 922+LV
ITS MIGHTY! side note if your still here in short vowels "to tear down" Le clib sios = 602 
602 Dagda is powerful = Dagda Is cumhachtach = 602 (DICu=217)
602 Fénius = 602 
602 to tear down = le clib síos = 602 (922+LV)

In a crazy round about way we got an answer Vapula is a great name indeed if your not a little bit blown away dont worry we have means and means.
Back to the original Naphula the PH has also the phonetic value of F=3 so again a new name change Naphula = Nafula = 240 
Before I copy and paste this I shall just say FUCK ME! and leave it at that for now 

240 Naphula = Nafula = 240 (60th spirit of the goetia) 
240 Five, = cuig = 240 (Cu=Q)
240 Horus = 240  
240 Raum = 240 (40th spirit of the goetia)
240 Norman = 240 
240 Purson = 240 (20th,spirit of the goetia)
240 Killing = Maru (Marú = slaughter = 650) 

Lets just say my previous work is catching up with me 20 40 60 OH Babylon !
Next moving on again swiftly "you aint seen this right" look away !
Naphula oh yeah what was the original question dont worry I have not forgotten just testing.
Naphula is the 60th spirit of the goetia corresponding to the 7 of cups.

thanks to Paul Hughs Barlow for that over at new taro (I was too lazy to look it up myself)
60 is Ruis in ogham,Samekh in Hebrew and Omicron in Greek.
Also we could I suppose give the correspondence of the 60th angel of the shemhamphorash 
and the 60th name of god from the 72 names of god 
The angel first 
 – MITZRAEL.  His attribute is “God Who Comforts The Oppressed”.  He 
corresponds to the holy name of “Gena” in the language of the people of Tibet.(supposedly?)  His ray 
commences from the 296th degree up to the 300th degree inclusive, corresponding to 
the thirtieth decade and to the angel called Homoth.  He rules over the following days: 18th May,29th July, 9th October, 20th December, 2nd March.)  The invocation is done from 7:40pm till 8:00pm, pronouncing the 18th verse of Psalm 145 39: “The Lord is righteous in 
all his ways, and holy in all his works” (Justus Dominus in omnibus viis suis: et sanctus 
in omnibus operibus suis). 
 He serves to heal spiritual ills and to be delivered from those who persecute one; 
he rules over illustrious people who are distinguished by their talents and virtues; he 
influences the fidelity and obeisance of subordinates towards their superiors.  The 
person born under this influence will unite all the fine qualities of body and soul; he will 
distinguish himself through his virtues, spirit, agreeable humor and will have a long life. 
 The bad angel rules over all insubordinate beings, and influences all bad physical 
and moral qualities. 

The holy name in Hebrew for MITZRAEL is MTzR, Mem Tzade Resh.Giving the quality of the name as "Freedom-Rising to the occasion" 

One way of calculating the name Mitzrael in Ogaim is to take the letter Z as Str=50 dont know if that is one hundred percent traditional but allot of you out there use it for Z so its at least valid trough the sympathy of belief  somehow.Giving the value of 
510 goals = spriocanna = 510 (if P=B =504)
       Mitzrael = 510 (shemhamphorash angel,60th,18 may,29 july,9 october,20 december,2 march)
510 NIN,spelled in full = Nin idad nin = 510 

Z could also be taken as S=4 
Giving us  for Mitsrael = 464 
Mitsrael = 464 (shemhamphorash angel,60th,18 may,29 july,9 october,20 december,2 march)

464 Iris = 464 
464 Lucifer = 464 
464 Rós = a rose = 464 
Before you gasp in shock make sure you read the full list of qualities of the angel good and bad.
Now because I used s=z S is now beside R so it can be counted as one letter Straif = 50 again a new total for Mitsrael = 450 watch now pay attention "means within means" 
450 Passion = paisean = 450 (456 if P is BH) 
450 Kale = Braisech = 450 (Herb ogham B)
       Eriu = 450 
       Rose = D`ardaigh = 450 
       Boy = buachaill = 450 
Next we we come back to the analysis of the holy name MTzR or written and read right to left RtzM in Hebrew it gives a total Hebrew of Mem=40 Tzade= 90 Resh = 200 = 330 The equivalent word for RtzM numerically in ogham would be Ngui = 330 Ngetal=40 Ur=90 Ida=200

330 our prayer = ngui = 330
       BADB BEANNA = 330 (BADB CROW)
              MTzR,RTzM = NgUI = 320 (60th name of god "freedom-rising to the occasion" transliterated from hebrew to ogham numerically)
       Prayer = Ngui = 320
       Him = air = 330
330+LV goose = gé = 330+LV
      Haures = 330 (64th,spirit of the goetia)
      Cethardam = 330

In hebrew from crowley and bennets sepher sephiroth we have for 330 
(I know I said I was only sticking to Ogam but I lied besides I want to see what it says myself) 

330 Boundary, terminus; crosspath; isthmus; distress = RTzM
Revolution; hurricane, tempest                                       = ROS
Transgression, error, crime                                            = LSh

(O is ayin and read right to left)
Hey I know what your thinking this is dirty work but hey someone has to do it.
Where the hell is this leading? 
Well are original statement of intent to the universe was 

"I will learn the Ogham" = Beidh mé ag foghlaim an ogam = 1420+LV
Also spelling ogham in the translation with the H=6 we have 1426
"I will learn the Ogham" = Beidh mé ag foghlaim an ogham = 1426+LV
1426+LV Simple = simplí = 1426+LV (P=ÍO)
"I agree"
Could have saved an awful lot of hassle if I had just done that in the first place but then we would not have learned something about the ogham now would we? And either way the Notarikon stays the same.
PS Ogham could also be spelled Ogaim and Oghaim and what you do with this information if you find some messed up value in it Is entirely up to you ! Thats when the real magic begins.
Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law!
 Bind nothing! Let there be no difference made among you between any one thing & any other thing; for thereby there cometh hurt.
 Remember are first number 244 well check this one out 
                                       244 Upon them = orthu = 244
       (ordinal value pyramid number of BRIGID


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