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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Base 20 vigesimal ogham counting

Ok first I gotta teach you what I found with the base twenty numbering I put for each letter so heres the letters and numbers first so you can work with it yourself as well (remember this is only one way every number is infinite there is no difference) 



thats the consonants they go up in ordinal values then the vowels go up in 20s like so 


then the long vowels are double so I just add them like so 

EA= 100 

for now the long vowels are not that important we will get back to them later 
first lets do a bit of counting with this system an make sure you also look up vigesimal counting in use in Europe in before arabic numerals at some stage as well to see where I got the idea
Ok so I can count up to 15 from B = 1 to R= 15 but A is 20 to get to there I put B on top of R B+R=16=BR ect on up like so LR=17 FR=18 SR=19 and then A=20 
BA=21 LA=22 FA=23 SA=24 NA=25 obviously you can have the order swapped around like say 24 can be AS and 25 can be AN the Irish word THE 
so I will keep going up for a bit cause people have to see to believe so 26=HA 27=DA 28=TA 29=CA 30=QA (pronounced Cua for Q when you see Cu in modern Irish its counted as Q and pronounced Cu but C is a K sound)31=MA (11=M + 20=A=31=MA) the same thing 32=GA 33=NgA 34=StrA and 35=RA.Then to do 36 its B=1 + R=15 + A=20 = 36=BRA 37=LRA 38=FRA 39= SRA and then O=40 41=BO 42=LO 43=FO ect going up the same way 55=RO 56=BRO 57= LRO now lets say I get up to 100 thats I=100 99 would have been SRE=99 S=4 R=15 E=80 total 99 and you continue on up this way counting saying number words.So lets take a random word number 116 = BRI as in brigid.Take the name dagda if you add his letters together base twenty you get D=7 a= 20 g=12 d=7 a=20 = 66 the number of the great work the Qliphoth (dagdas cauldron) ALLAH in arabic adds to 66 dagdas consonants in odinal value dgd add too 26 so does YHVH = 26 tetragramaton.So dagdas name adds to 66 in base 20 the word for that is HU=66.Anyway got side tracked back to the number words doing multiples of 100s Say Im doing 199 thats SREI add them up = 199.I want to do 200 but 102 = LI = 2+100 = 102 But to do 200 i say I=100 multiplied by L=2 is IL=200 instead of LI = 102 it depends on position if I=100 is after a consonant I add LI=102.If a consonant is after I=100 IL=200 I multiply 
101 = BI 
102 =LI 
103 = FI 
104 = SI 
105 = NI 
but multiples of 100 
200 = IL 2x100 
300 = IF 3x100 
400 = IS 4x100 
500 = IN 5x100 
600 = IH 6x100 
700 = ID 7x100 
800 = IT 8x100 
900 = IC 9x100 
1000 = IQ 10x100 
2000 = IA 20x100 
3000 = IQA 30x100 
4000 = IO 40x100 
5000 = IQO 50x100 
6000 = IU 60x100 
7000 = IQU 70x100 
8000 = IE 80x100 
9000 = IQE 90x100 
10,000 = II 100x100 a long vowel might be used to make 10,000 sound better example EA = 100 so 10,000 could be EA I = 10,000 obviously the EA long vowel Ebad is one character so it makes more sense when done in ogham 
Anyway back to more counting so you get a better picture a random number 455 would be 15=R + O=40 =55 thats the word RO 400 is 100x4 = IS put the 55 RO and 400 IS together you get ROIS dont run away yet it gets better 456 = BROIS 457 = LROIS 458 = FROIS 459 = SROIS 460 = UIS 461= BUIS and wait for it 462=LUIS the second letter in the ogham RUIS = 475 thats the metonic cycle when the sun and moon meet up again in sink every 19 years the sun moves around its axis 25 times a year 19x25 = 475 
sun days rotations.Another one is Sail = 224 venus ordit is something like 224.7 days a year but the Fili didnt have as accurate measurements as us so I would say 224 was good enough back then.Thats just some of the stuff I found I have also found some Irish words still in use that are 20 number words and you must admit it follows a kind of grammatical correctness.The words that come out of the letters maybe thats just one way also the traditional base ten decimal the greeks and hebrews use is valid I will have to do a base 20 gemartia list in future to see how useful it is this way but every number is infinite so its all the same really.

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