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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Notes on calculations

I have a few small mistakes in the main list (its just bound to happen) so double check calculations when working with the words in the list dont take them at face value.Even Crowley and Bennetts  

Sepher Sephiroth

 has mistakes in it to this day that people take as gospel without double checking the values given nobody is perfect.Also I have some personal words that wont be of use to most of you add your own dont just keep coming back to this site to go over the original old list.But the list will still be revised and cleaned up in future posts and this basic skeleton is more than enough to get you started copy and paste the document share it with others find your own correspondences make it personal for your own work.The more trees the better they will grow in different directions and no two will be alike.So some notes on calculations a few things to look out for.
First the letter Q some of you may notice that Q is not too frequently used in modern Irish its usual denoted by Cu or Qu and calculated as Q Quert =10 although note Q=10 plus U=90 = 100 so more info will be got from calculating them separate anyway.C with any other consonant or vowel besides U after it is taken as 9 normal.But Cu can still be taken separate equaling 99 the words Mac = 99 Mac means Son Cu=99 means hound hence the old Irish saying is that your Cu over there? when referring to somebodies son."is that your hound causing trouble?" or pup
Is that your hound? é go bhfuil do cú ?  Note Cu hound is also Cú as long vowel = 509 but Cui=199=Duly,and Duly also= go Cuí     ect endless it is.The meanings of words will sometimes change depending.
 Ng is taken as one letter = 40.Straif is str=50 but any words that have Sr,St,Sd, and Str are counted as one letter str=50 and Straif substitutes for Z.However again note them separate for more information.Increasing of secrets = Morad run, Is straif or sraif or straiph ect
.There are 2 schools of thought on the long vowels forfeda i.e. the Fadas eg É,Ó,Ú,Í,Á taking them single or double É = Ea Ebad = 300 or É = e 100 or even counting É as E and A separate EA=170.EO can also be counted as Ebad and emancoll AE as OE.I have kept the list as long vowels to save confusion but both are equally valid.However if your drawing sephiroth keep the long vowels out of the higher spheres because the value wont match write the word in short vowel and double check if the meaning of the word has changed.P is a different story P can be taken as B=1 or BH=7  as in P is B with H aspirated.Also medial P can be taken as ÍO Iphin = 600 but some say true P is Iphin anyway the Gael are always aspiring for P.I take V as U=90 like in Latin some say V is F=3 but personally I think thats a bit shit I could be wrong or they are both right either way.Medial Y can be taken as ÚI uilleann primary J and Y at the start of a word are taken as I idad as in Japhet becomes Iaphet,Confused? you should be! .Most will have run away by now but once you get the hang of it you will be delighted at words with long vowels EOs ÁEs Ps and Qs ect because it will mean the word is not static and extra meanings will be found that will blow your little Ruach away once you see there is still correspondence for each method.See Auraicept na n-éces for more details

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