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Saturday, 16 July 2011

NEW AEON IRISH QABALAH (Couldnt help myself I call it Quabalah sometimes you can call it ogham

NU DATA ! (Dont panic I have Tables "tables lovely tables" Links  and tea and biscuits at the end) Well someone was going to have to do it.Ah fuck it might as well be me.Come on in ! The forest is open for business.Magicians  of all persuasions are welcome to come and partake of the esoteric delights passed on to the ancient Irish race from their even more ancient Scythian forefathers straight from Magogs gonads an Epic 5341 years in the making witness a journey of Hierophantic proportions out of the forests into the desserts across the black sea.Gilgamesh eat your heart out,Alexander "try Harder"
This is gonna be bigger than great this is gonna be .................
777 great work = obair mhoir = 777  OM = Ogham.
This shit will rock your silly socks off we got Nu Anu Nuit "Hadit" Ra-Hoor-Khuit and we got vowels for them all big lovely VOWELS 10 of em count them 10
A,O,U,E,I,ÉA,ÓÍ,ÚI,ÍO,ÁE ! HOLY SHIT !10 did he say Jesus fucking titty Christ thats like more than the Hebrews have Magog 1 Hebrews 10 also but we are catching up anyway (although it could also be said in Qabolox terms  and it should  also be zero) and they have values BIG fucking values the vowels them is but it also could be said do the Hebrews.Now strap on your nogqin its piss easier than Toboggan sure I did it myself and its there on the shelf oh joyous me oh what do I see "DATA LOVELY MAGICAL DATA"denundata done tree is spilling un free see the little fat elves they are laughing at me ah poem is getting shit "nothing" good rhymes with toboggan just come and SEE get your ayin out expoundethith it he  "DATA LOVELY DATA LOVELY MAGICAL DATA" NU DATA !

Check this shit  B=1 Birch = Beithe

Irish Ogham gematria plus a growing tree and free coffee for observant readers
(Oh my god thats you lucky you)
N=5 N=3 U=90 NU=95 =NU=93=COLL A=70+33=93 33=MF

364 Pentagram = 364
365 Sun = Grian = 365 (letters numbered same value as hebrews and greeks ect with traditional Ogham order)
130  RA = 130
130 Shem = 130
130 On =ar =130
130 +5 ABC = 130+5
        goose  Gé = 130
ANU Brigid COLL (plus five denotes going up in +5 ordinals)                    ANU=Irish godform of Nu queen of space = NU = 93 if old order of ogham was taken as N=3 Before flood when the years where 363 day long 363 Sun = Grian = 363 (or something allot simpler)but its N today = 365 N today = 5=N .Sun = Grian = 365
 Abracadabra =                             Abrahadabra            Abecedarium=The beginning
130 Ra = 130

226 Hoor = 226
       Worship = adhardh=226
226 Chesed = 226

356 Ra-Hoor = 356 Never = rianh = 356

 Ra-Hoor plus babalon C=9  the ninth letter in the ogham Yesod Coll = 93 = Hazel the moon OMG thats Nuits watch Ra-Hoor +C =365 C=9 C=COLL = 93 (C=K)
 365 Sun = Grian = 365
       Ra-Hoor-C = 365
       Iobath = 365
       said = Duirt = 365
365 Bel Lir = 365 (Bel fire in the head Lir water in the deep)
365 Sky = Speir = 365
       Reap = bhaint as = 365
Ra-Hoor-Ch = 371 = Prize = duais = 371 H= the 6 letter in the ogham Tiferet
Ra-Hoor-Chu=461 = 461 Dryness = triomacht = 461
       Willow = saileach = 461
       Ecstasy = eactais = 461
U=90 the eigtheenth letter in the ogham the third vowel Ur = 150
 Binah = 282 in ogham Chokmah = 200 = I the twentieth letter in the ogham Idad=I=200                          But Back to our Ur first
150 Far , Long =fada =150
150  COLL= 150 (B=5) +5 ordinals
150  Starn = 150  
150 Shor = 150 (sphere)
       Ur (letter word for U in ogham heather,heath)
469 Ra-Hoor-Khut =t=8 Hod = 93 (K=C=COLL=93)
G=30 R=60 I=200 A = 70 N = 5 GRIAN = 365 Sun = Grian 365
469 Ra-Hoor-Khut = 469 (K=C) (ITS NUTS)
469 Universe = Cruinne = 469
         the point = an pointe = 469 (P=B=1 there is tables I promise you follow me this is good shit)
669 RA-HOOR-CHUIT = 669
669 Faded trunk and fair haired = Feocus foltchain = 669 (Word ogham of Morann Mac Main here that is for birch B=Beithe =B=1)
That is Beithe B the first letter in the ogham.The Birch.Shh EVlves)
Watch Beithe = 415
415 Beithe = 415 (the letter word for B in the ogham alphabeth)
       Play = spraoi = 415
       this world = an domhan
       of this world  = an  saol seo = 415
       hesitation = leisce = 415
663 RA-HOOR-CUIT =663  669-H=6=663
663+LV true = fíor = 663+LV
663 Anu Brigid = 663 (AB)
663+LV Young man = fear óg = 663+LV
We know who Brigid is
498 Brigid = 498
498+LV Glory = ghlóir = 498+LV
      GOD IS LOUD = DIA OS ARD = 498 (God = Dia = ?)
499 Brigit = 499
       Smithwork = Gaibncacht = 499 (Art ogham G)
499 Jupiter = Lúpatar = 499 (920+LV)
But who shall we say is Anu
ANU is obviously A+NU = ANU  we know who Nu is but who is A
A the 16 letter in the ogham the first Vowel 1=10 A=70 = Ailm the letter word for A
70 A=70
70 be=a=70

700+LV being=á=700+LV
700+LV power of lust = cumhacht drúis = 700+LV

292 Ailm = 292 (a letter word for A in ogham fir tree pine)
292 communicate = uil = 292
       lying = lui = 292
We have a taste of A=70
Plus Nu = Anu so whos ANU well that would be just spoiling the fun
Heres the basics
x10                               x20                                    B=5
____                            ____
B=1                             B=1                                    B=5
L=2                             L=2                                     L=10
F=3                             F=3                                     F=15
S=4                             S=4                                     S=20
N=5                            N=5                                     N=25
H=6                            H=6                                     H=30
D=7                            D=7                                      D=35
T=8                            T=8                                       T=40
C=9                            C=9                                       C=45
Q,Cu,Qu=10               Q,Cu,Qu=10 Cu                    Q=50
M=20                         M=11                                     M=55
G=30                          G=12                                      G=60
Ng=40                        Ng=13                                    Ng=65
Sr,St,Sd,Str=50          Sr,St,Sd,Str=14                       Str=70
R=60                          R=15                                       R=75
A=70                          A=20                                      A=80
O=80                          O=40                                      O=85
U=90                          U=60                                       U=90
E=100                         E=80                                       E=95
I=200                          I=100                                       I=100
É=ÉA=300                 É=ÉA=100                               EA=105
Ó=ÓI=400                  Ó=ÓI=140                                OI=110
Ú=ÚI=500                  Ú=ÚI=160                                UI=115
Í=ÍO=600                    Í=ÍO=140                                 IO=120
Á=ÁE=700                 Á=ÁE=100                               AE=125
   x10                             x20                                           +5 ordinal
the rest is easy meet you
 here say hello Hy Im Joe or Joseph harte
Rabbi Yod ben nun of your business (Or that should be  Idad mac aon cheann de do ghnó ) here is the tree its down bellow first post (its a wee tree but growing plant one your self take a clipping) rest is easy share write a book be happy expound exceed !
COLL NU 93 PS Irish qabalah can be done on google translate and its got Vowels ten of them I tell thee 10
I Call it Quabalah sometimes
you can call It Ogham .
This post was written under the influence of illegal substances I take no responsibility for the bad punctuation and terrible grammar but for the sake of posterity Im leaving it up to remind myself never to do it so badly again.

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