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Thursday, 1 December 2011


OGHAM spelled with an H is 62 in ordinal ogham thats a dodecahedron It is composed of 12 regular pentagonal faces It has 20 vertices and 30 edges 12+20+30=62 

Its also an Icosahedron 20 identical equilateral triangular faces, 30 edges and 12 vertices 20+30+12=62 

As YHVH is 26 the cube of space  12 vertices 6 faces 8 corners = 26 

 OGHAM is 62 Icosahedron and dodecahedron just as important in sacred geometry 
Oh yes ! 

NU = 56 in hebrew OGAM = 56 ordinal ogham OGAM pronounced Like OOAAMM ! 
NUIT = 51 ordinal ogham 51 as a Base 20 word with ogam consonants going up in ordinals and vowels going up in twenties 51 is 11 on top of 40 M=11 O=40 
Or OM = 51 base twenty word 
OM is one hundred in denary ogham thats the full tree of life 10 sphere within ten = 100 OM 
OM in ordinal ogham OM = 28 O=17 M=11 = 28 thats Half of 56 
TM = 28 notariqon of Tá Mé = I AM

56= TM TM ,I AM I AM

T=Tinne which is fire M=MUIN which is a mans back
Fire up your back kundalini you thought you were before now you know you ARE ! .OM

NU  spelled full is NIN UR = 360 space is 360 degrees as is the queen of space 

An irish word for Life and space = RÉ=  360 
ANU is 57 in hebrew NUITH is 57 ordinal ogham 
With the original latin alphabet take the first fifteen consonants and separate them so that the five vowels are written together after like in ogham and NUIT = 360 
HEBREW GREEK LATIN together with OGHAM as the mercury the glue or amalgam that binds all 3 the AIR of the 4 elements or Ogham as trees making Air = mercury
Hebrew fire I suppose and which are latin and greek ? 
But hey thats the great work ?

OM !

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