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Sunday, 27 November 2011

43 IS TRULY A GREAT NUMBER so is 66 and my ineffable names of god are better than yours

Science conveyed in stories.
Thats what Gematria Isopsephy is truly about.
I can tell you that 43 is truly a great number
Its like 66 the number of the great work
So why is 43 a great number its written in the languages we use some of them anyway the GREAT ones but they are all great and ugly in their own way.
A word for Great in Irish gaelic is MOR
MOR in denary ogham is Muin,M=20 Onn,O=80 Ruis,R=60 a total of 160
A word for great in hebrew GDVL
GDVL in denary hebrew is Gemel,G=3 Daleth,D=4 Vau ,V=6 Lamed ,L=30 a total of 43

Lets look at MOR again in ordinal ogham M=11 O=17 R=15 a total in ordinal ogham of 43
People say god is great the the Irish word for god DIA = 277 denary high value
And in ordinal value you guessed it DIA D=7 I=20 A=16 = 43
One spelling of the word for the letter I is Ida = 43 ordinal ogam the Yew tree the oldest in the forest
The letter word for E Edad = 43 Edad is aspen friend of birch why is aspen so great Edad = 184 denary so does Dagda=184.
Even the gaelic demiuge the old serpent CROM CRUACH
CROM = 169 in denary 100=E 60=R 9=C = ERC means red
the ordinal value of ERC = 43   E=19 R=15 C=9 = 43
Its all great even the phoenician god of thunder himself old BAAL in base 20 vigesimal ogham B=1 A=20 A=20 L=2 =43
The denary value of BAAL is 143 but the ordinal value of BAAL in irish ogham is 35
Whats so great about 35 well its the value of AGLA in hebrew but 35 is also the hebrew arabic and phoenician value of ADIR the phoenician word for great
BAAL is 34 in hebrew arabic and phoenician by the way which is 43 backwards and also the value of a line on the 4x4 base jupiter square so have fun with that one ask him why Yahweh is so pissed with him maybe Jove is the planet and BAAL is just an uppity line who knows could just be the priests getting pissed at loosing its congregation and they made shit up.
What else can be said about 43 lots of stuff but hey its half the fun when you find them yourself oh and about that number 66 ALLH in arabic = 66
Whats so great about 66 DAGDA in base 20 ogham  D=7 A=2 G=12 D=7 A=20 =66
So we can test are base 20 counting on something else the word great MOR  M=11 O=40 R=15 =66
One more for the road just to drive the point home how did the Gaelic people see there god DAGDA
similar to the way the hebrews saw YHVH (But way cooler of course)
The secret whisper of YHVH in hebrew i,e, multiplying the Letter value by its position in the word is 

Add the new values up 10+10+18+20=58
The ordinal value of DAGDA in Irish ogam 
D=7 A=16 G=12 D=7 A=16 
Add them all up = 58

Wait I got one more YHVH is 26 in hebrew arabic and phoenician ALLH is 66 the number of the great work ALLH in ordinal ogham A=16 L=2 L=2 H=6 =26  TETRAGRAMATON 
and remember DAGDA in Base 20 Ogham D=7 A=20 G=12 D=7 A=20 =66
DUIR AILM GORT DUIR AILM  (DAGDA s consonants add to 26 ordinal) 

Now lets test YHVH ordinal value ogam YH=26 VH=24 = 50 
ALLAH with the second A base 20 ogam = 50 

YHVH = 26 in hebrew 50 in ordinal ogham and YH=26 
ALLH= 66 hebrew arabic ect 26 in ordinal ogam ALLAH =50 base 20 ogham
(Another spelling of I the Yod in ogham is IDAD= 50 ordinal Yew the oldest in the forrest) 
DAGDA = 66 base twenty ogham and 58 ordinal the secret whisper in Hebrew of YHVH = 58 
Oh and I nearly forgot MOR in base 20 = 66 
But remember the irish word for great MOR denary = 160 thats 100=E  60=R  E is 19 ordinal and R is 15 ordinal thats 34 which is BAAL in phoenician whos just as Great too.
My ineffable name of god is better than yours but is it really have you checked 
Ok so we have a point to this post its simple really those who say gematria is a hebrew invention have their language wrong it is more correct to say gematria is the hebrew word for alphanumerical counting like Isopsephy is the greek name for the same thing.
Those who say that the pagan cultures of europe not living in the Mediterranean did not use there alphabets and scripts for gematria ect are just lazy fuckers really lets be honest its a pain in the ass to put a gematria list together so best to just say it was not done so you dont look so stupid because you cant be arsed to check easier that way.
Elder Futhark interesting thing about that Runic alphabet is we know its order because it has a notched numbered alternative similar to ogam 
Now coming back to ogham first the irish name for SUN = GRIAN again denary = 365 that many days in the year.(Speaking of the sun Grian in ordinal greek = 43 and 133 denary greek 133 is the ordinal secret whisper of OGAM which is also great!) or is that

 701 almighty = Uilechumhachtach = 701
701 Beth-luis-nion =701
701 (the denary secret whisper ODIN in elder futhark = 1700 which is 701)
701 ÁB = 701+LV (notarikon of,Being brigid = Á brighid)
ordinal value for grian = 68 notice 3 added to 65 = 68
Elder futhark not to closely related to ogham just giving you some simple sun lore first 
ODIN ordinal value Futhark = 68 
THOR = 32 with TH as one letter =3 thurisaz 
What so special about that 32 lots of stuff but THOR the god of thunder related to Jupiter SOMEHOW 
The ordinal secret whisper of THOR in elder futhark multiplying the letter value by its position in the word
             =   66

Look at that cant be a lazy lying bastard anymore 
Western Europe could count and did count and my ineffable names of god are just as ineffable as yours.
There are no coincidences only science conveyed in stories if you look hard enough dont forget to look again 
109 the earth = Ce = 109 (GREAT)

301 jupiter = Lupatar = 301 (P=b=1)
301 (Zeus in greek = 301)

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